Depository of the East Bohemian Museum, Pardubice

Construction volume 10 130 m³
Net floor area 1 828 m²
Building of the year 2019 in the Pardubice region
3rd place in the Waste to Resources competition, in category Best use of secondary raw materials in construction

The building is used as a depository for the Museum of East Bohemia in Pardubice and is elegantly integrated into the existing set of buildings. Although it only has two floors, it harmoniously maintains the height level and proportional relationships with the surrounding buildings. The simple block, clad in sheet weathering steel, resembles a giant, patina-coated jewellery box. The façade is smooth on three sides without any openings, and the entrance area, covered by a glass roof, connects the depository with the buildings around it.


The depository’s mission is to safely store the museum’s objects for future generations. It is divided into several sections that include a reception centre where objects undergo quarantine, decontamination and treatment, followed by storage in specialised rooms according to type.


In addition to outstanding energy efficiency and the use of modern technologies such as heat recovery and a heat pump located on the large green roof, considerable use is made of recycled and environmentally friendly materials. Underneath the foundation slab, recycled aggregate from a demolished building was used instead of conventional aggregate. The envelope consists of unfired brick and clay plaster, both materials with low energy consumption specs. This combination provides superior heat and moisture accumulation capacity, which helps stabilise the collection storage conditions.