Depository for the East Bohemian Museum in Pardubice

Construction volume 23 560 m³
Net floor area 6 210 m²

The existing building, which is almost entirely underground, was partly demolished and partly reconstructed. The part of the building near Akademická street has been newly extended by four above-ground floors and will complete the street line in the future. The superstructure consists of a monoblock softened by the division of windows and one large gate on the north and south sides with a facade made of cor-ten sheet. The eastern facade is in dark gray color due to the possibility of a future extentsion.


The main entrances are oriented from Akademická street. They are located on the east and west sides of the building. The western one serves for the Moravian Gallery and the eastern one for the Moravian Library. Another possible acces is an underground corridor, which is connected to the Moravian Library building. In the building there are the depository of the Moravian Library, the depository of the Moravian Gallery with a research room for the public and all the necessary facilities.