Apartment house Prague - Sekaninova street

This project was initially designed for a Moravian construction company. After the tragic death of the owner in Thailand, however, the plot was sold to a different investor and the construction has not yet been initiated.
This apartment house has seven over-ground floors and one underground one, which is dedicated to foundations of the house and garages. It is supposed to be constructed on a vacant lot in between two other apartment houses of varied age, size and architectural conception. The new house fully fills up the vacant lot on its underground floor, the very residential floors then recede in terms into the courtyard. Its roof is flat, which can be vegetated by undemanding extensive vegetation.
The apartment house is designed in a simplistic architectural style following from the traditions of functionalism. Mainly northern street facade, by its segmentation and set-back buttress evokes high-quality apartment houses of the first republic. Wooden windows are taller, with lower-positioned sills and they are vertically orientated. Southern courtyard-facing facade is generously glassed-in to maximize passive heat gains.
1st underground floor: The sub-terrain part is accessible via the central staircase from the very apartment house, lift or car-lift. A large part is devoted to the cellar-boxes and central boiler-room. The whole area under the courtyard is occupied by the underground parking.

Ground floor: The main entrance into the house is through the entrance hall with letter-boxes into a spacious atrium with a lift. The staircase, similarly to the lift connects all floors. On the ground floor there is also a commercial area with grand shop-window into the street and its own warehouse and service rooms. The two ground-floor studios have 1 room each with a kitchen-recess and they are orientated into the southern courtyard. Both studios have a small front yard.
The courtyard itself is still partially devoted to parking. The rest of the courtyard will be modified into a little park with lower trees and picnic benches. There will be an office space over the garage with the premises accessible from the courtyard via an outdoor sheltered staircase.

1st to 5th floor: The layout of the following four floors is identical. From the central staircase there is always access to four apartments.
There are always two studios (48,6 and 36,2 m2 respectively) which are facing the courtyard, one two-room apartment (53,2 m2) which faces nortwards to the street. and the last and largest three-room apartment (78 m2) which has rooms facing both the north into the street and the south into the courtyard. Three of the apartments have at least one balcony each.

6th floor: The last floor recedes from the general blueprint border by 1.5 to 2.0 mteres, so that it would not optically exceed the ledge level of the taller of the neighbouring houses. Otherwise the disposition of this floor is rather similar. There are three studios (37,4 m2, 30,7 m2 and 47,3 m2 ) and one two-room apartment (69,3 m2). All of them have roof terraces.