Borová Lada complex Šumava

There is a new residential complex of 39 family houses and a multifunctional public services building being constructed in the village of Borová Lada in the area of Šumava National Park. The new built-up area ties together with the existing one.
The whole project has been continuously and thoroughly discussed with the Šumava National Park authority due to the delicate natural environment of its location. The layout of the complex respects the traditional urbanism of the scattered house-building of the region, where the roof ridges were orientated in parallel as well as pointing directly to the main road and the "cottages' " longer wall was in parallel with the level curves. The houses are not evenly spread out over the area, but form two clusters - one parallel on both side of the southern main road; the other from both sides of the middle part of the road. In between those two groupings of houses we have left a green-belt of wild, retentive wetland with hygrophilous vegetation.

In the north-western part of the location we have planned a common car-park which is in accordance with the local ground plan. Near to the car park a common public services building will be constructed including a communal centre with a multifunctional hall. This building is positioned on the intersection of the existing and the new build-up areas and will become a social focal-point of the whole village and a place for meeting of the original inhabitants with the newly-arrived ones, as well as to the visitors of the National Park.

- eco-friendly residential complex respecting the traditional architecture of Šumava
- a location that provides its inhabitants with enough living space, standing up to the standards of the living houses of the 21st century
- place to relax, work, and enjoy sports and/or culture
- low-energy houses considerate to the local ecosystem, based on the uncompromising use of natural materials, typical for the Šumava region. 

The form of the houses is inspired by the traditional architecture of the Šumava cottages.
The use of traditional natural materials such as solid wood, local stone or lime plasters.
Low-energy houses with excellent thermal isolation, which generously exceeds normative limits.
High-quality internal climax with minimized heat-losses through ventilation (infiltration) via heat exchanger (recuperation of the residual heat).Moisture management through vast usage of moisture-trapping materials in the interior (solid wood).

Simple, fast and efficient building techniques and the use of local building materials limit the negative impact of the construction on the local environment.
Passive use of solar energy - glassed-in walls allow for net gains of energy, and the possibility of shading by sliding window panels is a welcome option in the summer.

Ecological management of rain-water - rain-water flowing down the slope over the location as well as the water from its upper part will be directed to the retentive area surrounded by wetland vegetation. Ecologically multifunctional and aesthetically pleasing feature of the vegetation will limit and decelerate the inflow of the surface water from the location into Teplá Vltava river.


Nature-friendly verdurous locations, so-called mountain meadows respect and tie to the original vegetation of Šumava
At the moment the complex is still in the process of being constructed, houses are still for sale and visit of the model house is possible on appointment. More on