Family house Prague - Stodůlky

"We are happy with the house but it should have stood elsewhere...", that was the client's evaluation of the house after it has been built. It is true that this location of a garden colony character is not ideal as far as the plot's prestige is concerned; nonetheless the location really is unbelievably calm, considering it is situated near an important road, metro station and all sorts of useful accessory services in the nearby surroundings. The house stands on a triangular plot and contains two flats, one on either floor, each of which has its own entrance. Nonetheless it is possible to use the house for a single family, and in fact that is the case at the moment, thanks to the single-ply connecting staircase. Mass-wise the house consists of a white block supported by a pedestal covered by facing and brick panelled garage. Two pine trees were sensitively incorporated into the existing composition. Since housewarming the house has been rented out to embassies, first to Holland and no to the Belgian one.