Family house Prague - Kunratice

Realization date: 2010

Ideal plot is hard to find, mainly in the larger cities. Usually it is only the peripheral fields subdivided into smaller plots that are on offer, to find a vacant plot in an already existing build-up area is very difficult and therefore often there is no other option than to buy a plot with a house. That was the case of our clients, for whom we have been designing this house in Prague - Kunratice. They bought a garden with beautiful mature trees on a calm street in the imminent proximity of a forest, yet close enough to the metro station. The original house was demolished and the new one was to be positioned in a more suitable section of the plot. Its surface and shape has been modified in accordance with the computer model of sunlight exposure of the different parts of the plot. The shape of the house is constituted of the intersection of two blocks, the unifying feature is the stone strips panelling. The generous fenestration is typical and it ensures interconnectedness of the interior with the exterior. The house is conceptualized as a low-energy one.