Family house in Hradčany u Brna

At the begging there was a mound of soil, which was unearthed by the investor when he had constructed several garden ponds. The original intention to build a house on the mould was after a lengthy debate considered inadvisable, so we were left with no other option but to "bury" the house in to the mound. We are, of course, exaggerating a little, but this could more or less be the description of the beginning of this house. The house is conceptualized as a "bump" in the landscape, which turns its back to the "traditional" pseudo-baroque houses of the nouveaux-riches. On the other side it opens towards the Sluneční street, which is a unique sort of build-up area made predominantly of low-energy and eco-friendly housing made of straw. Even though our house is made of concrete, its isolation layer could without a problem also be made of straw. However we have not yet succeed in persuading the client in opting for such an option so the project remains in two variants: with either stone or wooden panelling.

thanks to slope terrain continues as a roof of the house

view of south facade view of the garden with small lake