Family house in Brno - Královo Pole

Realization date: 2007

Location description
The plot located in a garden colony near to a calm road has an elongated shape that resembles an impedance triangle. The longest border is the one neighbouring the plot on the northern side. Based on this fact we have decided to opt for an elongated shape and to situate the house towards that very border. We have left a 2m gap from the border of the parcel and no windows from the living quarters face the northern side. Distance from the neighbouring house on the eastern side is 3.8m.

Dispositional, architectural and artistic solutions
The house is rectangular shaped, with the proportions of 21.8m x 8.0m. Its longer side has southern aspect. Such orientation is advantageous due to the maximization of thermal gains especially in the winter months. The house entrance is also through the southern wall and divides the disposition of the house into two units - western wing, which includes the common areas such as the living room and the kitchen, and then the eastern living wing with all the bedrooms and other necessary accessory rooms. All living areas are facing south, whereas service areas, including kitchen, are facing north. The house entrance consists of an entrance hall and an adjoin closet. From the entrance hall we enter the main hall, which can be interconnected with the kitchen and the living room by removing a sliding wall and thus create a unified living area of approximately 60m². There is a terrace connected to this living area from the western side. The toilet with a sink is accessible from the main hall and the technical closet from the kitchen. The main axis-corridor to the living part of the house is also accessible from the hall. The corridor is dispositionally connected to the south facing bedrooms: guestroom, two children bedrooms, and the en suite master bedroom with its own dressing room. Facing north one will find the main bathroom and the children's dressing room. From the eastern side, in the gap between the house itself and a wall supporting the roof, we will find a garage. The family house is rectangular shaped and panelled with light-shaded wood with a west to east axis. With respect to the principles of low-energy houses, the house has a window-free wall facing north and a fully glassed-in wall facing south and the garden. The roof overlaps the house, by 1.5m on the southern side to provide natural shading and prevent overheating in the summer (when the sun is high above the horizon), by 3.0m on the western side to shade off the terrace and 4.0m on the eastern side to shelter the garage. Shading of the front of the house is ensured by the outside aluminium jalousie.