Recreational complex in Lipno - Radslav

The Holand developer considered the purchase of land intended by the local authority ground plan as the place for expansion of the neighbouring hamlet Radslav. The subject of this study was to investigate the location in relation to the density of the build-up area, technical and legal requirements and also to the strict demands of the Protected Landscape Area Šumava Authority. The urbanism of the project is based on varied building density of the build-up area in the centre and on its edges. It originates from the typical rural structure of South-Bohemian villages. The materials and the scale of the buildings corresponded to other typical Šumava houses. The result of the study apart from the project itself was also a thorough technical analysis, energy resource requirements specification, necessary comments of the key authorities and state administration and the analysis of possible risks. Despite of the relatively low level of risk the developer has decided not to go through with the project.