Restoration of the House of Culture Písek

Realization date: 2007

Investor: The city of Písek, Velké náměstí 1 
Investment costs: 170.000.000 CZK

The project documentation for the restoration and finishing of the House of Culture Písek included the project from the study phase to the very realization of the project, as well as designing the whole interior of the building and in situ author supervision. During the working out  of the documentation it was necessary to consider the character of the existing building, sensible design of the newly annexed parts, change and expansion of the service and technical units.  

Originally three-floor building of the House of Culture constructed in the 1950s was transformed into a multifunctional social centre. The initial "face" of the building was refined. In the newly adjoin parts of the building, however, we have decided to disclose the real age of the building by using contemporary materials such as aluminium frames, voluminous glassed-in walls, wooden panelling. The layout of the original building is well respected whilst we still managed to create an interesting contrast between the grey plaster of the original building and the fresh natural texture of the new wooden panelling of the newly adjoin parts. The flat roof overlapping the eastern-facing wall constitutes the unifying feature of the building. Both the old parts as well as the new are characterized by the frequent use of noble materials: e.g. polished steel used in door handles and railings, or grand glassed panels, which is in particular used in the newly inbuilt balconies, the atrium of the first floor and garden view-through. 

First sub-terrain level - the area of old boiler-room, particularly thanks to its original technical furnishing, was successfully recreated into a futuristic looking club "Kotelna" with an adjoining bar, stock room and the lift machine room.
First floor - Using the original technical facilities, we created an interesting clubbing space "Uhelna" and an adjacent saloon. The remaining part has an independent entrance and can be rented out. 
Second floor – Two impressive flights of stairs direct the visitors from the atrium to the theatre hall entrance. The disposition of the main hall is easily alterable thanks to a unique telescopic apparatus supporting the platform of the auditorium. The most important quarters of the building is the smaller theatre hall with a stage and an auditorium, which can be used for theatrical purposes or conferences. There is an open-air scene adjoin to the main hall by the southern wall.
Third floor – You can access the platform of the second floor by a two-ply staircase, from which you could continue to the conference room and newly-built club room. 

Fourth floor – The west wing of the building hides fully furnished apartments for the actors and offices.