Polyclinic in Neratovice

Realization date: 2022?

The polyclinic building is situated on the edge of the park on the site created after the demolition of the kindergarten. In the immediate vicinity there is an ambulance building, apartment buildings, a city hospital. A new road in the south-eastern part of the area connected to Dr. Street is used for the arrival and arrival of visitors. E. Beneš. The main entrance to the building is located on the south corner. Visitors' side entrances are located at the northwest and north corners. Parking is provided along the southern access road (30 places for patients, including 5 immobile). For further parking needs, spaces will be used at residential houses, where there are enough free spaces during the day.
The pure white diagonally cut block is softened by rounded corners. Rounding is also used in the interior at and along the glass wall of the atrium. Significantly horizontal window openings cut into the white material and optically reduce the object. The atrium in the center of the building provides natural lighting for the waiting rooms and provides the opportunity to wait in the fresh air in a pleasant environment with greenery. The building is designed in a passive standard. The compact shape of the building has a positive effect on the low energy consumption for heating and cooling. Plenty of daylight eliminates the need for artificial lighting. The green atrium with a water feature and mature greenery naturally cools the surroundings as well as the green roof of the building. The main entrance to the building is cut into the south corner, as well as a balcony for employees. The area in front of the entrance is covered from the rain and provides valuable shade on hot days.

Polyclinic Neratovice

Polyclinic Neratovice Polyclinic Neratovice Polyclinic Neratovice Polyclinic Neratovice