Hospital in Tisnov - phase 2

Realization date: 2015

The revitalization of the Tišnov Hospital, addressing the current unsatisfactory situation, is divided into two stages. The first stage includes the construction of a polyclinic, the second stage the construction of an inpatient tract.

The bedside building is designed in a sober contemporary morphology. In line with modern hospital care trends, the building will be more like a hotel, while maintaining all mandatory standards. All ancillary facilities are located in the basement of the building, including supply and waste management, and are common to the hospital ward and the planned home for the elderly. The pure white prism of the bed part is complemented by a trapezoidal sharply cut object

administrative background. When viewed from the park, the new building acts as two separate masses, thus fragmenting the otherwise relatively voluminous mass based on the demanding and voluminous construction program given by the current requirements for operation and standard of hospitals.

The three-storey (when viewed from the street) prism is complemented by a receding fourth floor, lightened by the use of dark colors and linear glazing around the perimeter. The upper floor recedes, giving space for generous roof terraces with views. When viewed from a distance, the building appears to be three-storey not only due to the receding floor, but also due to the dark colors that disappear against the dark background of the forest.

The color solution is based on alternating anthracite elements with white ones. This simple color scheme will be complemented by the changing colors of nature surrounding the area. The facade of the building is white, this color evokes cleanliness and also perfectly reflects daylight, which is especially important in places where there are tight distances between buildings. The sloping linings of the window openings create an interesting architectural accent, but at the same time allow more daylight to enter the building.

The anthracite color of the frames and all the metal accessories of the building is a timeless color typical of modern architecture from the beginnings of functionalism. This color optically lets the frames disappear and thus creates an elegant impression of undisturbed window openings. Daylight as an important attribute for a pleasant stay will be distributed to the interior of the building in the form of a glazed atrium on the ground floor, generously glazed stair halls and, last but not least, through light guides to the corridors of the wards.

 The layout solution is based on the separation of individual functional units and their logical interconnection. The main entrance hall with elevators is followed by an outpatient and operative part (waiting room, records, samples, X-rays, surgery), as well as a gastronomic part (staff cafeteria and dining room). administrative entry. The operations of healthcare professionals and patients are separate. The generous entrance hall is connected to the winter garden, which will be a meeting place for visitors and a pleasant sitting for patients at a time when bad weather does not allow a visit to the park. We get to the administrative part through the winter garden.


visualisation visualisation hospital in Tisnov - phase 2