Community center Křeslice

The community center in family house style was created in order to make a suitable place for meditation and relaxation. This mission had to evince the architecture of the house inevitably. It had to be filled up with peace, harmony and purity. Therefore the facade and driveway are in pure white. Green lawn fluently changes into white walkway that leads up to the actual construction.

The villa combines straight lines - windows, roof, with curved walkways and "Observatory". The house looks very airy with the abundance of windows. Brown window frames in the color of dark cherry and different sized windows give attraction to the white walls. The shape of the building is inspired by the geometric elements. The connection of cube, cuboid and cylinder represents courageousness of architecture of the 21st century. The house consists of a basic two-floor cuboid roofed by flat roof, which is fully glassed to the south. The ground cube with entrance area is attached to the cuboid. The entrance is located in the lee behind the main building.


Separate "meditation column" cylinder shaped is connected via glass neck to the west side. This is a space for individual meditation with a height of over six meters, which is illuminated by skylight and vertical slits in the cylinder surface. The house impresses peacefully and comfortably, it creates an ideal environment for meditation.

Community centre

side view - architectural detail Minimalism in architecture observatory - zone for individual meditation connecting neck south side - glass relax room gallery front view architecture of the 21st century contrast of colors