BonusPHARM farmacies

Realization date: 2012

Currently a new network of pharmacies called BonusPHARM launches their new corporate identity. Within their new designed shops offer your customers a friendly atmosphere, great service, transparency and convenience of purchase.The key elements of the concept are: clear layout, the colors, good light, airy layout and relaxation. An important aspect is the element of nature represented by living plants, marine aquarium, "natural" bamboo floors and stylized leaves - medium.The interior is decorated in pure natural colors - white, green and yellow. The specificelement is transparent partitions between shelves illuminated green light that shines the edges, creating a subtle detail impressive.The proposal also includes a number of original features furniture. It is worth noting as "pharmacy" cross hanging in the window. It will not only significant cognitive character, but also special products rack (placed on a transparent "invisible" shelves hung on Silone). Pharmacies will be placed in shopping malls, on the street or in a health centres.

BonusPHARM farmacies interior

BonusPHARM farmacies interior BonusPHARM farmacies interior