Community centre Železný Brod

Realization date: 2011-2012

Last year our architecture studio has won public contract for project Community centre Železný Brod. Community centre with sport hall stays close to city centre and river Jizera. The building comes from 1928. Sport hall was built in 1980. Centre includes playground for beach volleyball, volleyball and soccer, and asphalt playground for another sports.

In spite of sport and cultural centre will be more modern and extended, project of exterior keep historical appearance. There will be new volleyball playground, skate park and ice rink. The Cultural hall is projected for more possibilities to use. It can be use for conferences, box match, sport and ball. There will be also new gallery and balcony, they are attractive for guest. The building will be wheelchair. Project includes also modification of roads and trees in outside.

Community center Železný Brod - layout

Cultural hall - ball Cultural hall - conference Cultural hall - box Cultural hall - sport Balcony Gallery