Jirasek theater - Česká Lípa

Realization date: 2010

Jirasek theatre have had a colorfully history. The building was opened first like gymnasium. Year 1939 is beginning of Jirasek theatre, but End of 2nd World War interrupt this period and the building function like place for emigrants. After emigrants and rental the theatre was been again under control of the city Česká Lípa in 2005. The moral and physical wear was the reason for reconstruction.

During the reconstruction we were limited by the fact, that Jirasek theatre is protected building. We leave historical appearance from square in the center. There is only one modern part of the building, main entrance. Next part of theatre is all in modern style. We connected modernity and tradition. The effect is stately, modern and magnificent appearance.

Jirasek theater - Česká Lípa

Square Jirasek theater bird's eye view View from square Entrance I. Historic appearance Historic appearance II. Entrance II., front view Entrance II. Bird's-eye view