Family house Zdiměřice

Realization date: 2011

We projected timeless family house in the middle suburban area. In this house is all life downstairs. There is bedroom, children’s rooms, kitchen with dining room and living room. House is projected for the maximal efficiency and functionality.

We designed interior of the house compact, style of the rooms is uniform. Despite the fact that style of the house is simple, pure and modern, people feel homely and enjoyably there. The main elements of architecture are straight roof, white wall, wood and terrace with pergola. The house give enough privacy, daylight and place for relax. Villa have got also the second floor, there is atelier with calm and creative atmosphere. Family can enjoy nice view on the park from the roof terrace; witch is also in the second floor.

Entrance - FH Zdiměřice

Terrace and Swimming pool Terrace Rear view Night view Dining room, Living-room Bathroom Corridor Kitchen Kitchen II.