Community centre Svoboda - Cheb

Realization date: 2011

Original hall of choral society from 19th and 20th century has been reconstructed by our office. At this time, we can say, it is the most modern cultural house in Carlsbad´s region. Despite the fact that the historical appearance of auditorium stay in original, the building is elegant, modern and timeless. The reason for reconstruction were higher quality of cultural background, lower the energy consumption, improve the operational efficiency, improve the use of the internal premises, increase capacity, multifunctional, independent of the different internal parts and wheelchair access.

Some part of building is reconstructed, some are new and some was removed. Emphasis of the architectures is placed on simple form, straightness and purity. The all entrance is from glass, guests can enjoy the beautiful view to the park, castle and center of the town. The building has got 7 meters long roof, which protects people before storm and wind. Windows of the cultural house look like occasional, but the place of the windows is determined from interior. The project included also reconstruction of the park, new road and parking.

Community centre Svoboda

Rear view front view Entrance Night Svoboda Auditorium - front view Auditorium Music Club II. Music Club Cafe Cafe II. Vestibule Entrance