Cultural center in Cheb designed by Adam Rujbr Architects won the prestigious Brick Award

The eighth year of the competition show of completed construction and reconstruction of buildings which construction was mainly used bricks and brick system called Brick Awards was held in the first quarter of 2013. 

Out of 40 contestants’ buildings has been awarded a project of our studio - the cultural center of Cheb.

The jury expressed for the project as follows:

"This is a reconstruction and completion of the building built in the 19th and 20th centuries into a multifunctional community center, the most modern throughout the Karlovy Vary region.

Although the historical appearance of the main hall is still preserved, the building has an elegant and timeless impression of modern cultural venue. The main reasons for the reconstruction and extension were: to uplift the quality of cultural facilities in the city, to reduce energy consumption, streamline of operation, to increase capacity, and also allowing multi-functional autonomy of individual parts and ultimately make the building wheelchair accessible, where all public areas are wheelchair accessible. Brick is used as the second critical structural material here. New outer walls of extensions are lined with ceramic bricks Porotherm.

The price of ČKAIT is awarded for professional construction management, for complex, technically demanding reconstruction of the Community center

with the completion and for quality work including tightened crafted details, to the satisfaction of both - the client and the architects work. "


You can read more about this success (but obly in Czech) on web of the Czech Chamber of Architects or at newspaper server

24. 4. 2013, 08:24:18

Cultural center in Cheb designed by Adam Rujbr Architects won the prestigious Brick Award